Sir William Wakeham has conducted an independent review on STEM Degree Provision and Graduate Employability.

The review focuses on the skills requirements of employers, how STEM graduates’ skills and knowledge relate to labour market demand, and how existing accreditation systems support this.

nucleargraduates took part in a focus group to discuss these concerns.

“STEM disciplines within HE providers and employers of STEM graduates need to find ways to engage – a one size fits all approach to engagement is not the ideal. For example, Energus (nucleargraduates) is an organisation which bridges the gap between universities and employers in the nuclear industry by developing graduates through a training and skills programme. The review was interested to hear of this example of a concerted, coordinated effort by the nuclear industry, to add value and meet the needs of employers in its sector by addressing the skills gap”

Wakeham Review of STEM Degree Provision and Graduate Employability

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