A Night to Remember: Celebrating the Graduates and Apprentices of Nuclear Energy 2023

In October 2023 we celebrated the successful graduation of our 2021 Nuclear Graduates and NDA group graduates

As the evening unfolded, it was clear that this was more than just a ceremony; it was a milestone. The graduates and apprentices from the Nuclear Graduates and Energus programmes gathered, surrounded by the buzz of excitement and a shared sense of accomplishment.

The past two years have been nothing short of transformative. Our graduates have traversed the country, and some, the globe, gaining invaluable experiences across the nuclear sector. From hands-on secondments to international conferences, they’ve not only witnessed the industry from the inside out but have also played an active role in its evolution.

The stories shared throughout the night resonated with growth and confidence. Graduates spoke of their initial trepidation and how the programmes nurtured their skills, turning uncertainty into a wellspring of professional readiness. The programmes aren’t just about growth; they’re about transformation—turning students into leaders, learners into experts.

Highlights of the evening included reflections on pivotal moments, like representing cutting-edge nuclear technology on the world stage or seeing the tangible impact of their work on-site. These experiences weren’t just career-defining; they were life-changing.

As the graduates move on to new challenges, from consulting on Net Zero initiatives to engineering the future of energy, they carry with them not just the knowledge, but the spirit of innovation that the programmes instilled in them.

The farewell was tinged with nostalgia, but the overriding emotion was one of eager anticipation for what’s to come. Our graduates and apprentices are ready to contribute to a brighter, cleaner future, and we couldn’t be prouder.

To the class of 2021, congratulations on your remarkable journey. The industry awaits your passion and your ideas, and we look forward to the mark you will leave on the world.



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