Case Study - Rhys


Graduate Name:

Degrees and University:


Secondments Undertaken:

Magnox Wylfa Site (Civil Engineer - Decommissioning Projects Department)
Arup Liverpool (Structural Engineer)

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What made you apply to Nuclear Graduates? Why did the Nuclear Graduates programme stand out?

I had a real interest in the nuclear industry from a young age, as generations of my family had worked in the sector. During my GCSEs, I completed my work experience on a nuclear site, and during that period I knew that a career in this field was for me. I came across the Nuclear Graduates programme during my time at university, and it stood out compared to other graduate schemes due to the flexibility of tailoring secondments and learning opportunities to design my own development programme. No other graduate scheme could offer these unique opportunities.

What kind of work did you do in your roles? Describe some key projects you have worked on during your secondments.

For my first secondment I worked at Magnox’s Wylfa Decommissioning Site in the Project Engineering department. I have been assisting with Civil Engineering works on various projects, including:

  • Demolition projects of admin and site auxiliary buildings.
  • Major asbestos removal works.
  • Enabling works for upcoming works, including a new Electrical Overlay System and the next demolition work phase.
  • Assisting Civil Engineering works within other site departments, including Systems, Asset Care, and Waste Projects.


I am now working as a Structural Engineering with Arup at their Liverpool office. This secondment is developing my technical knowledge of civil engineering design. I have been involved in a range of projects which vary in structural size. I am also developing my knowledge of structural engineering analysis programmes such as GSA.

What opportunities provided by the Nuclear Graduates programme have helped with your professional development?

The Nuclear Graduates programme provide great opportunities and training for personal development. The ‘GAIN’ (General Awareness In Nuclear) training in the induction period provided me with some key foundation knowledge of the industry prior to starting my first secondment. The commercial awareness and project management training were key for my development as they were aspects that I had very little experience or knowledge of beforehand, but it’s such a key topic within the industry.

What has been your highlight whilst on the programme?

My personal highlight of the programme has been working with a great team of individuals, whether it be fellow graduates, colleagues in Magnox and Arup, or the Energus staff. Everybody has been helpful and keen to support me through this development programme.

What advice would you give a future Nuclear Graduate?

My advice to a future Nuclear Graduate would be to take all the opportunities that are provided to you. This programme is a great way to create your own bespoke development programme where you’ll meet a wide range of individuals and professionals. Think about the programme in full and decide which aspects of work you’d like to experience, because there are opportunities out there for all professions in the nuclear sector.