Case Study - Heather, Chemistry


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Environmental Safety Group, EDF Torness

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What made you apply to Nuclear Graduates? Why did the Nuclear Graduates programme stand out?

I applied to the programme because of the opportunity to get experience in three different companies. Also, I had been interested in working in the energy and environment sectors for a while and wanted to learn more about nuclear.

What kind of work do you do as a (chemist, mechanical engineer etc). Describe some key projects you have worked on during your secondments.

While at the Environment Agency I helped to assess environmental safety documents and conduct inspections at nuclear sites to ensure compliance with the environmental permits. I also helped support my team by researching international best practices to produce literature reviews and build evidence for assessments.

At EDF I am involved in project managing some radiological protection projects which will help to minimize radiation doses to workers at the station. I am also involved with reporting environmental data from the station to the environmental regulator.

What opportunities provided by the Nuclear Graduates programme have helped with your professional development?

The programme has provided us with lots of CPD opportunities. The ANIA Graduate Awareness in Nuclear course gave us a broad and useful introduction to the nuclear industry at the start of the programme. The APM Project Fundamentals Qualification gave us an introduction to project management theory which has helped me with organising projects at Torness.  I also did the UKHSA Foundation in Radiological Protection course while at the Environment Agency which I would highly recommend.

What has been your highlight whilst on the programme?

One of my highlights has been getting to visit lots of different nuclear sites while working for the Environment Agency and learning about the measures that are in place to protect the environment. Learning about how an operational power station works and getting practical radiological protection experience at EDF has also been a highlight.

What advice would you give a future Nuclear Graduate?

I would advise a future Nuclear Graduate to choose secondments which are very different from each other, so you get a range of experience. And enjoy the training zones with the rest of the cohort!