We want to make the recruitment process as easy and straightforward for you whilst allowing you the opportunity to demonstrate you skills and expertise.

Application form & on-line tests – Our application form will allow you to provide information on your academic qualifications and work experience. Our online test, nucleargraduates: Fuel Your Future, provides you with a preview of what your first year as a nucleargraduate may be like. The test allows us to see whether you will be a good fit for the programme and our sponsors, whilst allowing you to see if the programme is a good fit for you. In one sitting, you will take situational, numerical, and critical reasoning questions which allows you to display many of your strengths at once. Following this assessment, you will receive a tailored feedback report, which you can use to aid your future development.
nucleargraduates: Fuel Your Future is an integrated assessment designed specifically for the programme, so unfortunately there are currently no practise tests available. If you would like to practise similar types of questions, then please feel free to at

Video Interview – Complete a 15 minute on-line video interview at a time / location convenient to you. The interview can be completed using a PC, Laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Assessment Centre – Our 1-day assessment centre is the final stage in the selection process and can take place either face to face or virtually. The assessment centre will allow you to show us what you can bring to our industry and sponsor organisations, through both individual and group exercises. You will have the opportunity to learn more about our ground-breaking programme, our world class industry and the organisations looking to sponsor you.

Final Decision – We aim to inform you of our decision within a week of attending an assessment centre.

The importance of security

Our industry is committed to maintaining its excellent record for both safety and security. That’s why your application will be subject to security checks, and your appointment will be subject to pre-employment checks, defined by UK Government policy.

These checks include employment or education references and criminal record checks. You’ll need formal proof of identity and nationality – and if you have lived abroad we may need criminal record checks to be carried out in the country concerned. This will be at your expense and you must produce an appropriate certificate before security checks can be completed.

In some instances, your nationality will mean that we need to carry out further checks in accordance with international agreements which the UK has signed up to. In this case there can be a long wait in getting the authority to carry out research, projects or other studies with us. Approval may be given too late for you to take part in a programme or may not be given at all. So you should consider your personal circumstances before applying to the nucleargraduates programme.


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