Our Competencies

No two nucleargraduates complete the same programme – different secondments, individual training – in the same way that all our nucleargraduates are all different, each bringing their own talents and expertise to their cohort.

There are however, some competencies, which nucleargraduates have identified as essential for all our graduates to develop to ensure they excel in their chosen area.


The ability to explain facts and concepts clearly and simply to any audience. The ability to understand the perceptions, needs and attitudes of others and to interact with them constructively.


The ability to organise effectively your own tasks, those of others, as well as the resources and the time available to achieve set objectives.

Responding to Change

The ability to adapt your plan and approach to respond to change and challenge whilst maintaining a positive attitude. Persevering in your approach whilst remaining open to new or better ways of doing things. Open to flexing your approach in response to others suggestions or change.

Problem Solving

Having a strong inclination, both intuitive and logical, to look for the best and most effective answer to difficult situations and complex issues, with a willingness to try different approaches.

Working with Others

Being prepared to pool your energies with others to reach shared objectives, whilst taking part in the work of the team, exchanging views with others and making the most of others’ contributions. Being able to take the position and experience of others into consideration during interactions.


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