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Our recruitment process has been designed to allow you to demonstrate the skills and expertise you can bring to Nuclear Graduates and the nuclear industry. As this is a highly competitive process here are 5 ways you can ensure your application stands out from the crowd.

Research the Industry –We want you to understand our industry and our sponsor’s activities. When giving examples of your skills and capabilities make them work or study based wherever possible. Solving a dispute about milk in your student house will not carry as much weight as solving a dispute with a customer at work.

Attention to detail –The excellent safety record of our industry can be accredited to attention to detail. Read over your application to check everything is correct before you hit ‘send’. The use of correct grammar is crucial.

Get to the point! –Our recruitment team will read thousands of applications therefore it’s important that the information provide is relevant and succinct.

Full module / work information –Our industry sponsors are looking for specific technical skills and experience. Give yourself the best chance of progressing through the recruitment process by detailing these clearly on your application.

Why you? –We want to know what makes you different and what you are passionate about. Saying you go to gym and like to socialise might be true, but it won’t be enough to make us sit up and notice. Nuclear Graduates isn’t a typical graduate training programme, use your application to show that you are more than capable of meeting the demands of this remarkably different programme.


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