The Industry

The nuclear sector can be divided into five key areas, outlined below. On the Nuclear Graduates programme, you’ll have a unique opportunity to work across these areas, gaining invaluable insight into the industry.


Decommissioning is at the forefront of meeting this sector’s commercial and environmental challenges. Only by safely and efficiently managing the legacy of the nuclear industry from the past 50 years, can society can have confidence in the next generation of nuclear power stations. This is most definitely long term work, undertaken over the next century and beyond.

Power Generation

Power generation makes up the best known part of the nuclear industry. It’s not surprising. Right now, the UK’s nuclear power stations already account for nearly 20% of the electricity supplied to meet national needs. A diverse range of power station designs are in use and as such people with diverse skills are needed. What’s more, the growing appetite for clean, safe and reliable energy has led to the commissioning of a new wave of power stations.


Processing and reprocessing nuclear fuel is a major part of this sector. The challenges are incredibly varied and range from operating commercially in a global market, to making new advances in chemical engineering. The scale of this area should not to be underestimated and is comparable with the oil, gas, chemical and banking industries.


Defence plays an important role in the nuclear industry. A number of new contracts are currently being delivered for the Ministry of Defence through suppliers such as BAE Systems and Rolls-Royce. These suppliers are located throughout the UK, and the work ranges from construction to dock maintenance.

New Build

New Build encompasses project management, engineering, construction and business management. For the new generation of power stations to be built, we need ambitious, intelligent people, who can tackle projects as big if not bigger than the Olympic Games and London’s Cross Rail network.


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