Mandatory Training

Nuclear Graduates provides a full and varied training package covering both technical and behavioural elements. This will enable you to achieve a detailed evidence portfolio towards chartership.
As part of the induction programme you will be introduced to the Nuclear Industry and the fuel cycle process. This will enable you to explain the fundamental concepts of atomic and nuclear science, identify the key components of a nuclear reactor core and describe the key steps involved in the nuclear fuel cycle.

The Nuclear Graduates training and competency framework, has been developed to bring together all of the training and development elements that make up the Nuclear Graduates programme. The framework was developed with UK SPEC in mind, understanding that you will be working towards chartership with your professional institute and developing your sponsoring organisations competencies.

Core training is likely to include:

• Commercial Awareness
• APMIC – Project Management
• Business Skills – Setting up your own Business! (Click here)
• Influencing and Negotiating
• Leadership
• Risk Management
• Outward Bound
• Practical Engineering Skills



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