As our final 2018 nucleargraduates complete their ‘welcome to nucleargraduates’ event in the Lake District this is a great time to say thank you to Iain Gallagher of Lakes Outdoor Experience. Iain has worked with the programme for over 7 years and he and his team are an integral part of our on-boarding experience.

Meeting up with your new colleagues for the first time can be a bit daunting so what better way to help the graduates bond than to get them out in the glorious Lake District for some outdoor activity!

Ghyll scrambling is a fun, challenging and rewarding way of helping create a strong team, developing communication skills and learning how to support and help each other, all skills that will come in handy over the two years of the nucleargraduates programme.

We look forward to working with Iain and his team again next year with our 2019 intake.


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