Case Study - Rebecca


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Risk Management - NDA

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What made you apply to Nuclear Graduates? Why did the Nuclear Graduates programme stand out?

The opportunity to have a taster of different companies/ roles to find what suits me best, to learn more about the industry and be a part of a growing sector.

What kind of work did you do in your role? Describe some key projects you have worked on during your secondments.

During my time with the NDA risk team, I have worked on multiple projects across different areas. Some of my favourites being helping with the development of the risk appetite process for the current risks the group faces, helping cleanse some historic site data for it to be utilised by upcoming AI software and helping with the possible development of a new group risk which focuses on climate change and its impacts.

What opportunities provided by the Nuclear Graduates programme have helped with your professional development?

So far, I have done multiple courses whilst on my scheme which have helped me feel more comfortable and confident with my knowledge whilst working at my secondment such as the GAIN course which has given me a solid background in the industry and a foundational project management course which has helped me better understand the management of work. Moreover, the continuous development budget is very flexible and has given me the opportunity to develop my understanding of subjects that interest me and will support my work going forward.

What has been your highlight whilst on the programme?

So far, my highlights whilst on the programme have been my multiple opportunities to visit and learn about sites and the opportunity to meet multiple people across the group and in my cohort.

What advice would you give a future Nuclear Graduate?

Take every opportunity given to you and make the most of each secondment as it goes by faster than you think.