Graduate Name:

Joshua Stanley

Degrees and University:

Mechanical Engineering with Management BEng, University of Liverpool. Project Management MSc, Liverpool John Moores University



Secondments Undertaken:

Describe a typical day as a Nuclear Graduate?

Get into the office for around 0745, check my emails and schedule for the day, I’ll usually have at least one project or PMO related meeting each day so I’d make sure I was prepared with the right documentation for that, best part of the day is lunch with the other ONR grads at 12 (we all instantly clicked and we have a really good laugh each lunchtime!), afternoon consists of ensuring the relevant project documentation is up to date and staying on track before heading home at 1600.

How has the training provided by Nuclear Graduates helped with your professional development?

The training has been really useful on the whole; PFQ, Commercial Awareness and Influencing and Negotiating were all excellent courses which enhanced my knowledge on the separate subject areas and I took a lot of skills and techniques away to use in my personal life as well as the workplace. The different conferences I have attended as well as London Footprints have all been very useful in broadening my knowledge of the nuclear industry as well as project management.

What is your magic moment during your time on the Nuclear Graduates programme?

As my time on the scheme progresses and we grow closer as a cohort, we are all much more relaxed with each other now compared to induction week and everybody’s personalities are constantly developing which is great to see. I think my magic moment so far was the YGN dinner at the York Railway Museum as it was the first time where we all started to feel a bit more comfortable in each other’s company and so we could ‘let loose’ a bit.

What advice would you give a future Nuclear Graduate?

Throw yourself into the scheme and the opportunities that come with it, that’s how you get the most out of it. You don’t want to look back at the end of the two years and think ‘I should have done this or that.’ Just do it, you won’t regret it.